Bohemian Wire Lace Kit

Bohemian Wire Lace Kit

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This is a first special edition kit co-developped by Bohemian Treasure Box and Yoriko Sho who is one of the premier AWJ (Art Wire Jewery) pioneer.

Using gougeous micro seed beads & cut-farfalle beads, you will be able to create meticulously beautiful accessories. and Bohemian Treasure box strongly recommend you to experience excitement and enjoy of this art creation.

Using kit, you can create 16 pieces of art: two chokers/bangles/rings, five large roses and five small roses.

Also included in the kit are 8-page recipe (both Japanese and English) encompassing all items drawn by Yoriko Sho and special DVD (Japanese only) covering pointers on making each items .

Price includes shipping charges from our warehouse in Japan.