Farfalle dreamy paradise necklace kit (Yellow)

Farfalle dreamy paradise necklace kit (Yellow)

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誕生のきっかけは、「Bead Art」2012年夏号(Vol.2)、p.58~61掲載の「ツイン・ファルファーレ特集」記事に、参考作品として紹介されたネックレス。






This necklace was mentioned in Summer 2012 edition of Bead Art magazine, in the "Twin Falfalle special" article.

The article was so popular and there were many requests from readers that they wanted to make this necklace themselves. We are happy to be able to accomodate our readers' requests by providing you with a custom color kit. Difficulty level is intermediate.

Even though it has been several years since falfalles were introduced in Japan, many bead hobbyists are not quite sure what they should do with them. It's because of their unique shape. Don't worry. That's why we have this kit for you.

When these falfalles were first developed, many other companies in Japan didn't even bother looking at them, but our company saw a unique potential in these special looking beads and imported them. In that sense, we're the pioneers introducing you to the very first and the very best falfalles anywhere.

Notable point is that the diamond part is all made of falfalles. Incredibly intriguing!

Level: intermediate
Length: 84cm (approximately 33")