Walk in the Forest - necklace kit (Rusty Rose)

Walk in the Forest - necklace kit (Rusty Rose)

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キット/Walk in the Forest(ラスティーローズ)

「Bead Art」(2013年冬号)のボヘミアの宝箱店長の連載記事(p.58-60)で紹介されたネックレスのキット。


「『BEAD ART』は、ビーズ上級者向けの雑誌なんでしょ?」と思い込んでいる方々の先入観を取っ払うべく、このネックレスのデザインを起こしました。

作り方はカンタン! でも使ってあるビーズの1粒1粒は、ボヘミアのガラス職人さんの珠玉の逸品ばかり。だから出来上がった姿は、とても気高く上品で、フォーマルなシーンでも大活躍します。



This is the very same kit that was featured in a special article written by our Japanese parent company's president in Bead Art magazine Winter 2013 edition.

However, this kit is customized for people starting out in beading and contains detailed instructions. If you have the right tools, you would be pleased with the result.

Our Japanese parent company's president wanted people to know that Bead Art magazine is for advanced beading afficionados as well as beginners, and that's why she released this necklace design.

Steps are simple, but remember, each and every single bead is professionally created by Bohemian glass bead experts. That is why the completed necklace is very attractive and can be your perfect companion in a formal setting.

Our recommendation: Purchase a set of different color (Green) and present one completed necklace to your important family or a friend. They would be delighted to share the same necklace in a different hue.

Level: good for beginner
Length: 47 cm
Adjuster: 5.5 cm
Hardware: Gold plated